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2 years ago

The top free Rpg games

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are about to discuss some of the best free browser games that are currently available online. As usual, different genres, different developers and different game plays all what we need is to cover the free to play rpg games reviews. Now enough with the talk and let`s take a closer look.

1-      Batheo: 

Brought to you by Clapalong,, an outstanding 2D strategy game. Are you a fan of Greek myths? Are you fond of the Man Vs God battle? Then this game is your thing for sure. It will take you to a journey through ancient Greece where man stood against their gods. Each player is responsible for a city where he is supposed to use its resources, train the heroes and do some upgrades to its buildings. The game provides you with 8 formations to choose from and as you defeat legions, more heroes are available for you to recruit from those legions you have defeated. A wide variety of armours, weapons and horses are available to choose from. READY TO GO TO WAR?! 

2-      Big Farm:

Now enough with the wars, let`s do something new for a change, farming maybe. GoodGame Studios is bringing you a 2D Strategy game. Simple, but will get you hooked. It has a progressive story line, it is easy to understand and it will teach you resource management (sounds too serious for a farm game right?). Uncle George left you this farm in a really bad shape, so it`s your turn to show us how magical can you get in turning it into a fully functional productive farm. You will have to plant certain crops, build mills and last but not least, you will be assigned to certain missions where you have to produce a certain amount product. Moreover, you need to keep your labours satisfied in order to keep your business running. Yes, it is not as easy as it seems to be, but I assure you that it is loads of fun.

2 years ago

The best browser gamesfor all Age

Hey fellas, how are you all doing? Bored from your same online Browser RPG games that you keep switching between every now and then? Looking forward to add some new games to your collection? Well, here is good news; we are going to talk about the best rpg games (or at least that is what most of the gamers are saying) to provide you with more options to choose from. So, take a deep breath and let`s see what are the things we have here.

1-      South Park: The Stick Of Truth:

Obsidian took a quite remarkable risk by developing such a game. Come on, like seriously, a game that is based on an animated television show? Unexpectedly the game was cool. It may not be a very deep, serious, action full RPG game, but it is amusing for sure.

2-      Dungeons of Dredmor:

Released in 2011 and developed by Gaslamp Games, still considered to be one of the best rogue-likes ever. An old classic that will still keep you entertained, you will get seven skills for each character (you get to choose your own) and believe me when I say that the options are always interesting. Like the sparkling Twilight view? That is what you get as vampirism restores your health after you kill the enemies. The sense of humour in the game is also a plus. Now go ahead and start playing and don`t forget to collect your booze, raw gold and ParmigianoReggiano cheese.